Updates to Val Gardena Book

Updates to our book, “Walking in Italy’s Val Gardena,” are posted here. If you have taken any of our hikes, please use the Contacts page to submit the information you believe needs to be updated.

Download the Südtirol Mobile App for iPhone or Android for on-the-go trip planning by bus and train in the region.

As of Autumn 2022, many bus schedules and routes continue to change. The app mentioned above is the best way to plan your journeys. Note annual changes happen in early December every year.

Bus #4 has been discontinued as of Winter 2019-2020. According to the Silbernagl Company, the #172 will run from Ortisei to the Cabinovia Alpe di Siusi bus piazza roughly every half hour at :01 and :31, no bus at 12:01. A couple of times a day you may have to take the #172 to Castelrotto and transfer to the #170, which will drop you at the Bivio stop, on the road just below the bus piazza. Trip planner on the Südtirol Mobile site. (Updated 6 February 2020)

Buses have changed! As of our visit in September 2019, there are new bus routes (352, 172) and timetables. Please check locally and use the trip planner and the links posted below for Silbernagl. Your host in the Val Gardena should also give you a current bus schedule with your Val Gardena Mobility Card.

Hike #6, Raida dl Leuch should be a “2” on the difficulty scale. The lower road along the river that allowed one to avoid the climb up-and-down to the waterfall was closed on our visit in September 2019 with a serious “forbidden entry” sign at the west end. We highly recommend a stop at the TI in S. Cristina and will update the walk in the 2020 edition to show the TI as the starting point. Pick up a map from the TI and proceed west, away from the village. Don’t miss the World War I train tunnel and exhibition, a short detour from the walk. There are some useful details here on Girovaga.com as the tunnel is also accessible as part of the route from S. Cristina to Ortisei.

Hike #11, The Via Crucis and the Vallunga now has a map! This may be particularly helpful for the descent through Selva from Ciampac back to the bus stop at Piazza Nives as the street names are confusing. (September 15, 2019.)

For books published prior to January 30, 2019: Silbernagl links have changed. Timetables and network maps are here https://www.silbernagl.it/en/timetables.  If that link fails as updates are seasonal, try the homepage https://www.silbernagl.it/en and click on “Scheduled Services” to reach the current timetables.

For books purchased prior to September 13, 2018: Hike #16 — Alpe di Siusi: Compatsch to Mont Sëuc is on Trail #s 30, 3, and 6B. The overview grid shows trails 24 and 14; this should say 30, 3, 6B. The narrative about Baita Sanon mentions Trail #6 and this should be 6B. Trail 6 will get you to Sonne/Sole, but 6B is a prettier and more gentle trail.

For books purchased prior to July 13, 2017: Hike #7 — Col Raiser to Rifugio Firenze is on Trail #4. The overview grid for the hike shows #35 and the narrative mentions #8. Please correct both to #4.