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10 February 2017. When we left Italy it took me awhile to figure out what to write about next. While we are happy to be back in the USA, our lifestyle seems a bit pedestrian compared to what we were doing in Italy. At GoodDayRome I’ve done the compare-and-contrast-Italy-to-the-U.S. to death as we became ex-expats and I’ve addressed culture shock on re-entry. There’s only so much to be done.

Hiking the Bullaccia, Alpe di Siusi, one of the hikes in our book.

Hiking the Bullaccia, Alpe di Siusi, one of the hikes in our book.

I thought about Left Coast Life and as we move further “left,” i.e., to the Oregon Coast, I might pick up that theme now-and-then.

I’ve been thinking about what do we do that I can document for our personal history. What can I write about that others might actually use as well? (Many people have told me they used info from GoodDayRome to plan their trips.)

If you’ve followed our travels on GoodDayRome, you know many of our trips revolve around hiking and our Roman lifestyle included walking everywhere. Since I’ve just finished writing my book on hiking in Italy’s Val Gardena, why not a blog about hiking? We moved to a fabulous location for coastal hiking, we take urban treks wherever we travel, and we have terrific intentions to continue hiking throughout Europe.

llbarton_3d_mockupAs the name indicates, this is about easy hiking. We no longer do 2000 foot ascents or descents. Our knees can’t take it. People of-a-certain-age, people with children in tow, or anyone who likes to be in nature but not necessarily wants to climb mountains will enjoy our pace.

I hope you will sign up (above) and come along on our treks.


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