Combining our two loves: pizza and hiking

It’s been a tough season for hiking. Rain, rain, and more rain plagued us this spring: May was one of the wettest Mays on record. The treadmill is where most of our hiking action has occurred.

Road’s End, near our home. A gorgeous morning, June 23, about 62 degrees.

We plodded down to Road’s End — very near our home — a couple of times and took walks at Gleneden Beach, the beach at Chinook Winds, and at D’Sands, but mostly it was blustery if it wasn’t raining when we had time.

We also had a celebratory weekend at our old haunt, Cannon Beach, in March, but the weather was such that we only got in one good walk on the beach! Not the norm as we remember spring at the coast.

Earlier this week we did a nice beach hike and combined it with pizza for lunch at Neskowin, OR. If you follow my blog at Our Weekly Pizza, you know this is huge for us.

You might enjoy reading about our latest hike-to-pizza. Some nice pictures there. We even encountered some folks through-hiking the Oregon Coast Trail. Luckily there was — and is — better weather ahead!

Gleneden Beach on a blustery day

Kite flying at Gleneden Beach. It was a cold wind.

That ocean is COLD!


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4 Responses to Combining our two loves: pizza and hiking

  1. Thank you! we’ve had precious few good days to get out on the beach. We take them when we can. Today it is TOO HOT!


  2. ckleonard says:

    Love all the photos. Especially Cannon Beach!


  3. Bill Walls says:

    I can appreciate the walks/hiking in my schedule as it is my meditation . We have the W&OD/4 mile run trail two blocks away from our house. Sounds like you are enjoying life! Stop by when you come to our area.


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