A hidden passage in Paris

Paris has some amazing public parks and gardens, the Tuileries, the Jardin des Plantes, and Luxembourg Gardens among them. Of course, there is the Champ de Mars and little pocket parks off the Champs Elysees. Paris also has the famous passages couverts, alleys housing little shops and cafes such as the famous Passage des Panoramas. But this “passage” is a green space three stories above the street, the Promenade Plantee, built on the old railway to Vincennes. We were fortunate enough to have good weather and time to take this high road.

The Promenade invites one to wander along through leafy bowers.

It is easy enough to find the start of the Promenade Plantee near Bastille or even at the other end near Vincennes. In between, one must be a bit adventurous or follow Google Maps very closely as there is a network of paths incorporating other parks and even some community gardens. So if you go, make sure you zero in on Google Maps and follow the thin green line of the Coulée verte René-Dumont. We walked about 5 km and wandered off the track a bit, but it was so enjoyable to have an urban trek like this on a sunny day. All that was missing was a coffee bar. As Ric said, if this was in Italy, there would have been a dozen places to stop for an espresso! Luckily, not too far from the official endpoint, one can find a bus, tram, or Metro to return to the reality of the city.

Herewith, some pictures, with captions, about our walk.




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2 Responses to A hidden passage in Paris

  1. pagebypage14 says:

    I will look for this on a future trip to a Paris! Great photos, it’s so fresh and green. Grier


    • Laurel says:

      The upside of rain and cool weather, although as you posted in FB, the roses are rather behind. Looks like rain headed for the PNW. Guess it has been warm and dry while we’ve been traveling!


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