Giant Spruce Trail, Cape Perpetua

We have a lot of big trees on the Oregon Coast. We also have a number of very old trees, like the 400-year-old Sitka Spruce in Regatta Park. When we got a nice (meaning rain-free) day in June, we headed to Cape Perpetua to seek out one of the oldest, tallest, and most portly trees in the State. While the Giant Spruce at Cape Perpetua is not the best-in-class in any of the three categories, it places in the top five in each. It is an impressive specimen.

On the way to the Giant Spruce, this not-so-small tree had fallen and was sliced to allow passage.

This is a classic easy-hiker hike. There is a well-maintained trail, elevation change is minimal, and it is short, about one mile/30 minutes each direction.

This weekday in June the trail was lightly attended, but then early June is hardly high-season for tourists. The walk is through a lush and healthy forest and would be cool on even a warm day, not that we get so many of those on the coast. The informative visitors’ center and handy restrooms offer a good start and end to the hike and just up the road you’ll find the city of Yachats with many options for meals or refreshments. We especially like Green Salmon Coffee.

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  1. Bill Walls says:

    Very picturesque – thanks for sharing,


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